Meet Diana

I’m an energetic, outgoing, coffee-loving dog mom of 2 (Tessa and Addie). I’ve been married to my husband Jeremy for 10 years. I enjoy working at a local showroom as an on-staff interior designer and working with my personal clients doing design work on the side. I love traveling, shopping, shoes, puppies, gardening, dark chocolate and cheese.

Meet Samantha

I love spring, scarves, sno cones and sweet tea. I enjoy a good spy story, packing for a trip, organizing my desk, and grading everyone’s grammar, whether they want me to or not. I am an introvert (ISFJ), a firstborn, and queen of my home. I have been known to write words, dance dances and eat cake for breakfast.

Married to Kurtis Hanni since 2012. Mom to one fur baby, Podrick.