Welcome Friend, You Are Not Alone

Welcome to Sam & Di! We wanted to create this blog as a welcoming place for men and women going through infertility, and for those with loved ones walking that journey. We hope this is an encouraging place for people to visit, learn, and support one another. Our journeys look different from each other, and they will look different from each of you, but we can all share in the weight of waiting together.

Author: Samantha Hanni

I love spring, scarves, sno cones and sweet tea. I enjoy a good spy story, packing for a trip, organizing my desk, and grading everyone’s grammar, whether they want me to or not. I am an introvert (ISFJ), a firstborn, and queen of my home. I have been known to write words, dance dances and eat cake for breakfast.

Married to Kurtis Hanni since 2012. Mom to one fur baby, Podrick.

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